Business Spotlight

Have you seen any stunning, delicious cookies around and wondered where they came from? We have the answer! Kacie Reimche recently launched her cookie business Kacie’s Cookies and is selling her cookies in Marsai’s Bean and Boutique. Yes, now RUN and get some because they sell out FAST! Kacie has a deep love for baking that began with her Grandma Selle. "My three sisters and I would go to grandpa and grandma’s house often and she always had cookies, fresh buns, or some other yummy treat for us!" She taught all four of us how to bake. "Kacie and her sisters have continued their annual Christmas baking weekend since and now their spouses and children are all learning the tips and tricks. When Kacie was asked how this specific business was inspired, she said it all started by going to a decorating class with a friend just for fun. She joked with her sisters that she was going to be practicing for Christmas Baking weekend and one sister responded, "way to take advantage of off season training.." If that doesn’t tell you how serious this family is about their baking…but of course Kacie isn’t the fuel of this business alone. I heard Eric was helping her soften butter the other night as a tradeoff to her combining all day. She also shared, "My kids, Cayden and Maryn, love baking and decorating their own cookies, and of course are my best taste testers! From the beginning they were telling me to start a cookie business – I think they saw it coming before I did! I would say they are some smart kids myself….but I am selfishly indulging in a cookie as I type so that might not help. Kacie’s Cookies are available for purchase at Marsai’s Bean and Boutique in Harvey. Kacie is also taking custom orders! Call or text Kacie at 701-570-6385.