By Amy Streifel
Have you ever seen a flying dryer. No, this is not the opening line of a joke. I have, in fact seen a dryer fly. Here's how it all started….
My dryer had taken a "kaput", as my grandma would say. So, I made the trek out of town to get a new one. I normally thoroughly enjoy shopping, but dryers are no fun. Never the less, I got a good deal on one and had the service men load it onto my pickup. Feeling good about my purchase and dreaming of all the laundry my kids could help with (NOT), I made my way home. Literally five miles from my turn something flashed out of the corner of my eye. And there it was ladies and gentleman….a flying dryer. Flew right out of my pickup box and landed itself in the ditch. After I realized what had happened, I gained my composure and checked out the damage. It was beyond repair, unfortunately. I could have cried. In fact, I'm pretty certain I did. But, all was not lost. I knew that my insurance may cover something like this. I checked my insurance Policy. Some may think this was a claim under my auto policy, but it was in fact, covered under my homeowners, as it was my personal property and had nothing to do with my auto. What does personal property actually mean? It is the stuff you own….furniture, electronics, clothing and yes, even your washer and dryer. I checked my deductible and it was well under the price of my dryer or the price of repair. It was enough of a loss to file a claim on my policy.
Moral of the story, know your insurance coverage and when in doubt, have your agent check it out. Also, make sure your appliances are tied down enough if you're hauling them. Now, anyone know anyone I can hire to do all the piled up laundry??